Local SEO

We specialize in getting businesses ranked in their local area. Read below for a full explanation of just how important this is for businesses in the information age.

Local SEO

Why your business needs SEO

Someone is new in the area, they have a job interview coming up and they need a good haircut. They open their iPhone up and run a Google search for “Barber shop Portland” and businesses near that person pop up in the search results. Now if your business isn’t there, you don’t even have a chance of getting that customer. And this goes for hundreds of business types.


All it takes us to reach out to us and we can put together a plan of attack. To not only get your business showing in those results but to help make sure you are at the top of those results. We handle everything from small geographic zones at extremely affordable rates or we can broaden your reach to larger areas if you want to grow and expand your business. Just ask us today about our local SEO packages.

Ready to talk about it?

Because we are ready to help you get more business locally.