Our company

Meet the people behind the company. These guys know their stuff and they are all here to help you get the most from search.

Derek Collins

Technical director

Jack of all code and highly skilled in all aspects of web development and server admin.

An Engager since 2011.

Richard Castelano

Authority procurement

Richard specializes in outreach and procurement of valuable online assets that we use to help our clients.

An Engager since 2009.

Sushil Singh

Content strategist

Senior partner at SEO Engager, Sushil is the man we rely on to create top quality, shareable content every day.

An Engager since the beginning.

Helen Durst

Finance manager

The lady with the online banking password. Always crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s, Helen makes sure our companies finances run like clockwork.

An Engager since the beginning.

Andrew Weston

Head of design

Creator of all things visual, Andrew is responsible for the planning and execution of design products including websites, infographics and branding.

An Engager since 2010.

Cameron Sprungli

Sales director

If you are one of our wonderful clients then Cameron probably got you on board, An outstanding person who is always ready to lend a hand.

An Engager since 2014.

Our company policy

Direct Communication

  • Our team locations

    Our team, work from multiple countries. And in different time zones, this actually makes us better at answering your queries in record time.

  • Always available

    While we operate from all over the world, you will be assigned a team member who will report directly to you with all the latest info regarding your campaigns.

Regular Check-Ins

  • The important info

    To be frank, we don’t waste time on catch up calls and the usual client pacifying that other SEO companies do. We simply send you a report, every week and if you need help, we are right here to assist.

  • Deadlines

    Any SEO company worth their salt won’t commit to a guaranteed ranking date, however we like give an estimate of when things will start moving. We always try to under promise & over deliver.

Ongoing Improvement

  • Rank & Move on

    We want you to keep expanding your business, because that benefits both of us. When we rank you for a key term, we will begin looking for new areas and potential new terms you could be ranking for. And work on getting those terms on page 1.

  • Climb and defend

    Your competitors will continue to build up their SEO arsenal, and so should you. We won’t back off the work or “Get comfortable” when your site starts ranking. Instead we boost even harder and take advantage of positive signals from search.

Still not impressed?

Okay then, heres some real examples of things we have done for clients.

  • Installed live chat to a clients website and trained them how to operate it, this helped them to grab more customers online.
  • Comissioned a dedicated server for a customer then relocated their website to it, just to reduce load times, this alone led to a 17% increase in search engine positions and a massive 26% drop in visitors bouncing from the site.
  • Built a long term client with an ageing website, a completely new one! That’s right, we strategized, and executed a full website redesign project without charging a cent. All in the name of keeping that customers business going.
  • Built, and managed a pay per click campaign for a client who needed customers fast! Organic SEO is a slow growth strategy and this customer needed turnover in a short period, so we jumped to the rescue with a tightly knit PPC campaign that generated immediate results.

Seriously, just give us a try. When was the last time you heard of a company going as far as us to rank a website?