How to recognize a Google penalty


Is my site penalized? Here is what to look for.

Over the years Google has worked to become the poster child for weeding out the good SEO from the useless SEO. Most people that own a website find themselves at the mercy of Googles strict SEO guidelines. They do reward people that keep a close eye on the rules, but being hit by one of their penalties can sometimes be the death of a website, or even a whole online business.

Bad SEO can do you much more harm than good. So, if you don’t want to get hit with a penalty there are a few things that should always be avoided:

‘Blackhat’ backlink techniques that create unnatural links.

Google has no tolerance for links that are simply there to manipulate the ranking results. Your links, content, and SEO have to benefit your readers and customers. With each Google update, more and more websites are getting penalized for trying to manipulate search results with too many links or poor quality links.

Poorly written SEO content.

If you stuff your content with keywords and the content isn’t beneficial to your readers, Google will assume you are trying to manipulate the rankings with “fluff”. The content on your website has to be naturally written, original, useful to your readers, and never copied, I mean NEVER EVER copied. If you are not the original writer of your websites text content, you are better off having no text and no-indexing that page.

How will we pin point these penalties & rectify them.

SEO Engager will log into a console called Google search console (Formerly known as Google webmaster tools or GWT), which will allow us to find any manual penalties that have been listed. In addition to checking the Google Webmaster Tool, we also check Google Analytics. Google Analytics will allow us to find the exact date your traffic started to slow down. Then we will be able to see if an update was the cause of your penalty. We also have a whole arsenal of aftermarket tools which allows us to see inside a websites backlink profile and also grade onsite content.

How we fix the problem will depend on why you were hit with a penalty, how bad the penalty was, and the type of penalty you were hit with. It can take a few weeks to a few months before you start noticing a positive change. We will most likely have to go through all of your backlinks and isolate (or remove) anything that could have been part of the issue.

We will always be checking to make sure your website returns to good standing with Google. It is possible for your ranking to drop due to competition, rather than a Google penalty. Either way, if the competition is causing a drop in your rankings, a new outlook on your websites SEO is still probably a good idea and a good old fashion quality audit never hurts.

I’ll wrap up by saying this.

There is no doubt that getting hit with a Google penalty can have a negative effect on your search rankings. Without a good ranking your website has very little chance of ever even being found, which means you revenues will suffer. Once Google updates their search algorithms your rankings will begin to drop. If for some reason the update hasn’t caught it, Google’s Webspam team will pick up on the penalty, and bust your site down to China town. There is just no way of getting around a drop in your ranking once you’ve been hit with a penalty.

Googles algorithm updates somewhat frequently.You may be thinking there is no risk for a penalty, not realizing their algorithm has updated, and your site is no longer up to par.This can sometimes result in unknowingly getting hit with a penalty.If your web traffic suddenly drops or your rankings begin to take a dive, chances are you’ve been hit with a Google penalty.

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