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Whenever you need to know what’s happening with your site, we have the solution to keep you in control of your online assets.

Now with traffic statistics

Now with device breakdown

Our client control panel explained

Why wait for us to email you a monthly report? a month of old data is no good if your running a business that depends on search to succeed. This is why we offer our customers a complete dashboard which helps them to see their websites vital signs.


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    Website health status

    If your website isn’t in ship shape it won’t rank – Plain and simple. For this reason our dashboard monitors your websites current health status and throws several alerts if there is any faults that need to be repaired by our team.

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    Traffic analysis

    Check your websites traffic so you know, not just the results we generate, but how and where your visitors are coming from. This is true website data management in action.

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    Device based reporting

    So many people are pushing for mobile first design and mobile e-commerce, our client dashboard shows you the exact number of visitors from each type of device and their individual browsing data.

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    Search engine rankings

    This is the real show stopper, you can actually check exactly where your website sits in the search engine results. We also include a graph which shows you your growth within search.

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Just sign up for any search engine optimisation package with us and get dashboard as part of your package

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